How cashless parking works

Parkmobile lets you pay for your parking without coins, you just need a payment card and a phone or pc.

You can register for Parkmobile on the sign up page or when you want to park.

The 1st time you use Parkmobile ...

Online or on the phone you will be asked:

  • Your number plate, the colour and make of your vehicle

  • The location you're parked in

  • How long you want to stay

  • Your payment card details

The next time you use Parkmobile

You then confirm:

  • The vehicle you want to park

  • The location

  • How long you want to stay

  • Your payment card security code

How else can I use Parkmobile

A small convenience charge is made at many locations.

Can I get a GST receipt?

If you have given us your e-mail address (and opted in) you will be sent a receipt summary or you can download a PDF copy from the app or MyRingGo.

Isn't a ticket required?

No ticket is required except for parking in City of Sydney Council area where a current valid ticket must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard for every parking session, including Parkmobile. Failure to display a current valid ticket in the City of Sydney Council area could result in an infringement being issued by council officers.

For other areas throughout Australia, parking attendants have other means to check you are parked with Parkmobile.